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Approach to sustainable development

The Company’s sustainable development efforts aim to achieve the goals set out in its Long-Term Development Strategy while balancing the interests of all stakeholders.

The Strategy focuses on a strong HR policy, improved occupational health and safety standards, reduced environmental impact, and the social and economic development of the Company’s local communities.

All management decisions on priority matters relating to the Company’s development are made based on the principles of responsible business conduct established in its Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity Policy.

The sustainable development of regions where Metalloinvest’s key operations are located is one of the Company’s strategic priorities.

We are confident that by contributing significantly to improving the local economic potential and improvement of the social and cultural environment of local communities, we are making a strategic investment in expanding the available talent pool across our operations.

Andrey Varichev

CEO of Management
Company Metalloinvest

Information transparency

The Company discloses full and accurate information on its performance using various forms and channels for stakeholder communication and feedback.

Among other sources, the Company’s sustainable development activities are contained in its CSR reports, which have been published since 2008.

Since 2011, the Company has been disclosing information in line with GRI G4 Guidelines.

Sustainability management

Business units of the Management CompanyAreas of responsibility in sustainable development
Social Policy DepartmentSystematically ensuring and coordinating the development of the Company’s sustainable development efforts
Providing social support to Company employees
Developing local communities
HR DepartmentImproving personnel management methods and procedures, including:
  • personnel / timekeeping records and personnel document flow
  • staff recruitment
  • personnel training and development
  • payroll system
  • headcount and payroll budget planning
  • rate setting and calculating labour productivity
Organisational Development DepartmentManaging organisational development
Managing business process improvement
Managing organisational design
Overseeing the Company’s performance management system
Managing programmes designed to enhance organisational performance and development
Corporate Culture Development DivisionImproving the Company’s non-financial incentive system
Instilling the Company’s corporate values
Increasing employee engagement and performance
Security DepartmentDeveloping an overarching anti-corruption methodology
Monitoring compliance with relevant internal documents
Organising and implementing activities aimed at preventing, identifying and eradicating acts of corruption and conflicts of interest
Procurement DepartmentPurchasing materials and equipment
Ensuring an appropriate level of competition in the procurement process, as well as the objectivity and transparency of procurement procedures
Introducing a procedure for checking supplier compliance with Occupational
Health and Safety (OHS) and Environmental Protection requirements
Environment, Health and Safety DivisionEnsuring safe working conditions and occupational safety
Ensuring safe conditions at production facilities (including industrial, fire and transport safety)
Implementing civil defence measures and preventing and eliminating emergencies
Reducing the Company’s negative environmental impact and ensuring environmental safety
Health DivisionPreventing occupational diseases
Reducing overall sickness rates
Developing and implementing a system to manage employee health and associated risks
Internal Audit DepartmentImproving internal control procedures
Corporate Risk DivisionCoordinating and maintaining the process of identifying, assessing, and managing corporate risks
Corporate Communications DepartmentWorking with target groups to increase their awareness of the Company’s sustainable development programmes and opportunities for participation
Organising feedback channels to assess stakeholder needs and satisfaction with programme results