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Development of the Territory of Presence

Every year, Metalloinvest makes substantial investments in the social and economic development of the towns and regions where it operates, improving living standards for the population, including the Company’s employees and their families, and creating favourable social and cultural environments.

The areas of social investment in the regions where the Company operates are determined under trilateral social and economic partnership agreements with regional and local authorities. The first agreements were signed for the Belgorod, Kursk and Orenburg regions in 2011. Drawn up annually as part of such agreements, social partnership programmes set out key joint projects and each party’s input. The partnership enables all stakeholders to pool their resources and capacities to achieve sustainable results.

In 2016, Metalloinvest spent RUB 2.7 billion on charitable initiatives and social investments in local development. The Company’s priorities include:

  • creating comfortable social and cultural environments;
  • developing education;
  • supporting arts and culture;
  • improving the quality of healthcare services;
  • promoting mass and children’s sport;
  • providing aid to vulnerable groups of the population;
  • developing entrepreneurship.

Metalloinvest adopts approaches that have been developed through many years of experience when implementing external social programmes.

  • The Company creates mechanisms to engage as many stakeholders as possible (including local organisations, authorities, employees of the Company) and to foster partnership relations between them.
  • The Company seeks to ensure that the stakeholders involved in external social programmes show progress in their development and can carry on with the implementation of such programmes independently.
  • The Company engages foundations, research institutes and the expert community to tackle social issues using innovative technologies and techniques.

In 2016, the Company continued to implement corporate social programmes aimed at initiating reforms and unlocking the potential of certain regions or areas of public life, including Let’s Do It Together!, School of Entrepreneurship, Healthy Child, Women’s Health, Our Future, Our Champions, Our City Initiatives and Zhelezno!For more details, please visit Corporate website.

Metalloinvest allocates some of its social investments to infrastructure projects run jointly with regional and local administrations across the areas where the Company operates. Such projects include renovating roads and fitting out outdoor facilities; modernising and equipping schools, kindergartens, and sports and cultural institutions; redeveloping parks and public recreation areas; renovating and equipping local medical institutions, etc.